December 30, 2020

I've Got This Covered...

Having no preconceived ideas for the cover of my latest art journal, I grabbed a couple of paints, pens, words from magazines, rubber stamps and just let it happen. 

December 28, 2020


Christmas has come and gone.  For me, it was bittersweet.  We haven't seen our children in over a year.  Talking on the phone just isn't the same.  I've been feeling very sorry for myself of late and know I need to SNAP OUT OF IT!

Creating art has always been a magic tonic.  I decided to make myself a new art journal in honor of 2021.  My intention is to fill it with thoughts of gratitude for all the many blessings I have in my life.

140lb. 9x12 watercolor paper; folded in half; Coptic binding

hole placement jig

Front and back covers made from backing cardboard of watercolor pad; glued in place; let set overnight.  I couldn't let a new journal sit naked in my studio - mark-making thoughts (not good) about 2020 and some dribbles of acrylic ink.  This spread will eventually be painted over.  Remember - NO bad thoughts in this baby!

Once the covers are gessoed and painted, it will be 2021 and the fun will really begin!

December 17, 2020

Girl with Red Hair...

This started out as a hand I feel as if her chin is askew - nuts!  I doubt that I will take the time to change it lest I mess up her hands which I think turned out satisfactorily enough...

December 15, 2020

It's a start...

 I promised myself I would pick up a brush and continue on with this piece.  I'm not quite sure where it's going.  I'm depending on "her" to let me know!

December 14, 2020

Blue Birds of Happiness...

For some unknown reason, I am finding all kinds of reasons to delay finishing a painting I started before I had knee surgery.  

The last few days I've been making birds out of Kleenex boxes, cough drops packaging, cracker wrappers, bits of newspaper, wire, hot glue, Apoxie sculpt, and acorn caps. 

These are strange little creatures that make me happy.  I doubt they could ever fly!

My process

End Results

Now that these birds are finished - I'm getting my paints and brushes out and bite the bullet - get painting girl!!

December 9, 2020

...and the stockings were hung...

Even though it seems like every day is the same (tedious COVID-19) the time is flying by.  Hard to believe Christmas is almost here.  I worked on my Christmas cards a couple of weeks ago.  This year I chose to do a two-sided card rather than a folded one.  I had the cards printed at Costco - they are very affordable, great quality, and fast turned around.  

I kept Richard busy putting the return address labels and stamps on the envelopes.  

My intention was to have a little "fun" with COVID-19!

The great reveal:

Have a joyous holiday however you choose to celebrate!

November 21, 2020

"Waste Not, Want Not"

 Months ago, I received an Amazon order.  Inside the box was this wonderful stretchy paper packing material protecting whatever it was I had ordered.  I saved it thinking I could use it one day.

I wound the stretchy material around a dress form - made some quick (my first effort) origami flowers, a ribbon - viola - "my girl" has a new Thanksgiving outfit!

Happy Thanksgiving!  In these trying times, it helps to remember that I do have much to be grateful for.

October 8, 2020

It's a Wrap!

 I wanted to make either a small box or envelope to house the little 3x3 abstract art pieces I made last week.  Sometimes the wrapping takes longer to figure out and make than the artwork!

After several tries using scrap paper, I decided on what would work best.

wrapped up (the "tails" painted with acrylic paint)

traced my template on the wrong side of decorative scrapbook paper; cut out; scored fold lines

my template (red lines scored for folding); cutouts to insert tail

October 3, 2020

Painting Small

 I had knee replacement surgery on September 22.  Four rounds of daily knee exercises takes up a lot of time, but I do it because I know I will heal faster.  I can think of other ways to a have a good time, however.

I got so sick and tired of sitting in a chair, I knew I had to get into the studio and work on something small - something that I could sit down to do - something I could work on for an hour or so and come back to again later.

These mixed media 3" squares are done on 140# watercolor paper - it was fun to do.  I have a number of 4" round glass top tins which will house some of these little gems and be presented to friends as a thank you for helping me out so much while I'm stuck indoors.

September 18, 2020

Abstract and Distortion

 A different take on figure drawing - abstraction and distortion.  Drawing the hands large to give them added importance; distorting the rest of the body...inspired by the work of Emma Petit.

scribbled background (water soluable crayons)

brush with a bit of water

a couple of layers of gesso for texture

blocked in charcoal sketch

September 14, 2020


 It's such a joy to be working a bit larger!  I thought and thought and thought about what to paint...this is NOT a self portrait...

11x15 watercolor paper - scribbles in charcoal

smeared on acrylic paints then a quick sketch

blocking in some color

September 10, 2020

These Hands Were Meant for Drawing...

Practice, practice, practice continuous line drawing of my own hands...this is fun but also a challenge.

I'm drawing from life not from a photograph - keeping the journal flat and looking at my hand at the same time - not easy!  I chose to use pen rather than pencil - no way to erase - just keep the pen on the paper and go for it.

foreshortening - holy moly!

hard to judge starting point - ran off the page...

September 9, 2020


 My COVID-19 journal is finished.  I wish I could say the same about COVID-19!

Made entirely from Quaker Oats cereal boxes - 26 paintings.

I gave the binding a lot of thought - in the end, I decided to make a spine and tie the pages to it. 

September 8, 2020

Who Was That Masked Ma'am?"

I can hardly believe - this is the last painting for my COVID-19 journal!  I almost forgot to include a mask in my little collection of paintings - that would never do!

Next up - "bind" the journal together.

September 7, 2020

"My Mama Said"

My Mama Said “never stick anything up your nose" - then along came COVID-19!  Have you been tested yet?  For my upcoming surgery, I had to get tested - no fun!

original sketch

September 5, 2020

Going Out on a Limb...

I had an idea for my COVID-19 journal - it involved birds.  

"Going Out on a Limb"

Drawing birds is much harder than I thought it would be! A couple simple shapes - oval, circle some straight lines - and hopefully a bird. 

examples of several drawings in my sketchbook

September 2, 2020

Pumpkins on the Stairs...

In the fall of 2013, Richard and I took car trip to Charleston, SC.  It's a fantastic place.  I remember the weather was glorious.  We took a walking tour around town when I saw the pumpkins on the stairs of an antebellum home.  It's one of my favorite memories from that trip.

August 31, 2020

What a Pain!

Painful knee - doctor appointments, x-ray, MRI - looks like a partial knee replacement is in my future...not happy!

August 28, 2020

Driving Rain...

I got caught in a downpour on Wednesday afternoon. I do not enjoy driving in the rain when it’s almost impossible to see out the window with cars zooming past me.   I was DEFINITELY not singing in the rain!!  When it rains like that, I like to be at home, reading a book and/or sipping scotch.

August 26, 2020

The Color Purple...

Remember the book "When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple" edited by Sandra Haldeman Martz?  I noticed the book on the shelf while dusting (yes, on occasion I do dust!). The poems and personal stories in the book are just wonderful - the inspiration for this painting in my COVID-19 journal.

"When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple and Very Red Lipstick!