April 25, 2021

Dark Haired Beauty

 I gessoed over an existing painting - I cannot remember what it was!  In any event, it didn't make the cut.  The background is 3 colors plus white of acrylic paint then stenciled.  

I had no real plan on what this new work would be.  Playing with charcoal pencil, I drew a face.  The features were developed later in oil paints.  

Finished work (18x24)

deciding on hair line

adding the hint of eyelashes made a big difference to her eyes IMO

April 13, 2021

National Pet Day

It seems like there is a "national something or other" everyday of the year.  I was unaware of a National Pet Day. Turns out it was April 11 - who knew?!  

I don't currently have a pet.  I do have fond memories, however, of the dog my family had when I was growing up.  Snapper was his name.  He was a gentle, loving soul.  He was a mutt for sure - but to me he always looked like he was dressed in a tuxedo.  Black coat, white chest, brown paws and a white tip on his tail.  

An art journal page for Snapper.

torn book pages

acrylic paints

stamping, collage, digital print, family photo