May 31, 2020

Is it only me?...

Surely I'm not the only person who has gained a few pounds since we started self quarantining because of COVID-19.  Do yourself a kindness and back away from the scale!

Today's page in my Safe at Home journal.

May 30, 2020

This little kiwi has wings!

Inspired by a wooden kiwi bird in a Crate and Barrel ad.  I kept an eye out for appropriate sized twigs to serve as legs.  I was determined to make my own kiwi.

Evidently their wings are quite tiny hidden by hair rather than feathers.  It is a small flightless nocturnal bird and mine has a crown!

My process

May 24, 2020

Save the Arts!

Once the pandemic is over, I hope museums and galleries will open once again.  Money is tight everywhere.  Consider donating to your favorite art place!

A page from my Safe at Home journal

May 14, 2020

Business as Usual...

Time on my hands, looking for something to do.  A big project on my design wall, but I need a little distraction.  I decided to make a business card case out of whatever was lying around.

Fabric "paper" remnant

cut to my pattern dimensions

stitched all layers together using serger

acrylic paints; stitched ribbon 


all tied up