October 31, 2022

Nature Maid - Rebirth

“Nature Maid - Rebirth” art doll created using Hurricane Ian debris and some found objects.  

Acorn caps make neat little breasts and a hat!  Apoxy Sculpt stamped with REBIRTH - adhered to the forearms.

Piece together found twigs - tape and paper clay are used to keep twigs together

Paper Clay "skirt" - Apoxy Sculpt to create head, face, neck, hands, and forearms

 Stain added to accentuate the features

 Wrapped yarn around figure - adhered with Liquitex Matte Medium

October 25, 2022

Handmade Book

A friend asked me to make a journal as a gift for her husband's upcoming 70th birthday.  We discussed a few ideas. The paper had to be cut to size.  Almost every journal I have made for myself or as a gift was something I just created on the fly.  A commission was a whole new experience.  I have never glued separate sheets of paper to create a book block.  I used the double fan perfect spine technique.  I made two.  One was for practice; the other was the "real" thing!

I'm not sure why I felt the need to build my own book press, but I did it anyway. Trip to the hardware store for carriage bolts, washers, and drillbit; another stop at a craft store for 2 12x12 boards.  Drilling the holes was a challenge since I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and was not to lift anything weighty with my right hand.  I taped the boards together so the holes would match - trouble with that was the drillbit kept getting stuck in the wood - royal frustration!  (I can just picture my brothers laughing their heads off.)


My friend's husband has a small guitar that he likes - obviously, he loves music...a couple song titles brought tears to my friend's eyes so, of course, these elements had to be included in the overall design of the book cover.  I also added his initials to the design.  I worked it out in Photoshop.

This is the finished book - she's happy. I'm happy.  Now let's just hope he's happy!