March 28, 2014

One man's trash...

I pick up odd bits of junk on my daily walk.  I have quite the collection - what does one do with all this junque - make dolls, of course!

"The Holy Smokes"
made from cigarette boxes, matchsticks, matchstick boxes, corrugated cardboard, carpenter ruler, K-cups

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March 25, 2014

Sunday Ride...

Every Sunday morning after I get home from my beach walk, I prepare a big breakfast for my husband and me.  He cleans up the mess I made and then we go for a bike ride.  It is my favorite morning of the week!

(These are not our bicycles.)  Original photo taken in Naples by the dock.

"Sunday" texture courtesy of Kim Klassen.

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March 21, 2014

Play Date - Reveal Stage...

We had a great time working together in the studio yesterday...everyone was pleased with their efforts.  While the paint dried, we enjoyed a light lunch.

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March 17, 2014

Play date - planning

Every year I plan a play date for friends in my studio.  Since they are not artists per se, it's important for me to come up with an idea that can be accomplished in a couple of hours with a minimum of sewing, painting, etc. - so my friends are relaxed and have fun.

"Time Flies" art doll
"Burnt Edges" texture added to photo - courtesy of Kim Klassen

simple materials I have on hand - carpenter rules, small wood disc, small rectangular piece of wood, cardboard.  Rules cut to size for neck and legs; holes drilled to attach to wood

 assorted crowns and faces which I may use to embellish doll - as it turns out, I only used one crown - made out of Crayola Model Magic - not thrilled with this substance - will use polymer clay instead

 painted, stamped "head;" slipcover wood form

 add buttons and stitch around form

Now that I've made a sample, I know what works and the steps to make this small doll.  Let the fun begin!

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March 14, 2014

A hungry pelican...

The pelicans are large and plentiful at the Naples Dock.  This big guy was eyeing the fisherman's catch - very intent was he!

The fisherman had to shoo the pelicans away - who were obviously hoping to get a free meal.

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March 11, 2014

All Aboard!

There are a few old railroad cars at The Depot in Naples, FL - I don't know the back story of this particular piece of history.  It would have been quite an adventure traveling by rail in it...out west perhaps?

"Savor" texture courtesy of Kim Klassen.

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March 7, 2014

Standing Tall...

I was on my way out of the park when I noticed these young dancers as they were getting ready to perform their Celtic Dance in Cambier Park as part of the Naples National Art Festival.

I wish I had been able to stay long enough to watch them dance.

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March 4, 2014