January 24, 2016

Blowin' in the wind...

We've been having a lot of gusty winds blowing through town the last few days.  It reminded me of some leaves I saw while hiking in Banff.

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January 15, 2016

Turtle Hunt

Naples has a beautiful outdoor art exhibit of turtles created by local artists.  The turtles are quite large and are located all over town.  These are just a few of the ones I've come across so far. Their days are numbered at least as far as being on display outdoors.  They go up for auction in March.  I hope to see them all before then.

January 3, 2016

A beach rose...

I found this beautiful rose on the beach yesterday morning...actually there were about three that I saw on the beach.  This is the one I chose to photograph.   Was this a lucky find or what?!