March 22, 2021

Apple & Grapes

I've been enjoying setting up small still lifes then painting them in my art journal.  Small work is fun, quick and can be a challenge.  I think the addition of torn book pages adhered to my journal page before beginning the work adds another level of interest and depth.  What do you think?  I also find propping the journal on my easel allows me more freedom while drawing and painting - free arm movement - that's the key.

As an extra bonus, I ate the fruit for lunch - a two-fer!!


March 13, 2021

Cigar Boxes Organizers

My sweet neighbor gave me a number of cigar boxes. (Her husband smokes Cuban cigars - ugh!)  I decided to paint, collage and use!

First I spray painted the insides with black semi-gloss  acrylic paint - then cut to size artist papers from (I've had these papers for years and never thought to use them for anything before) adhered to outside of boxes with matte medium; sanded the outside edges - highlighted with a black Derwent Inktense Block. 

Labels made in Photoshop for various drawing pens, pencils and markers - I had to sort through all these things - I was shocked at how many pens and markers I had to toss because they were totally dried out!



March 4, 2021

"Hot Peppers"

I made roasted vegetable tostadas for dinner the other night.  I thought the peppers would make an interesting still life painting.  I grabbed my camera for a quick shot before cutting up the peppers for dinner.

torn book pages glued down - thin layer of gesso over top

acrylic paint; palette knife and credit card application - nice texture!