July 14, 2024

We are Invincible!

Those dreaded words "breast cancer".  Over the years, many of my friends have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  I made each friend a doll when I heard their news.  Now it's my turn...

To keep myself from overthinking tomorrow, I’ve been working on these “Invincible” figures…made from bits and pieces I found in my stash, outdoors (tiny pine cones), and even in the freezer - ice cream bar sticks as legs! 

I started the project by sketching a few figures on freezer paper as my patterns.

Several ideas regarding the faces as well as breasts.

I didn't take much fabric with me when I moved from Florida to Illinois.  I'm using scraps of cotton, canvas, and styrofoam for the bodies.

Stuffed and ready to embellish

These two are for friends

This one is for me

In case you're wondering "Where's the styrofoam"? - I'm saving that to make one more figure while I'm recovering.

June 29, 2024


Did you ever have one of those days where nothing you did to a painting really "worked"?  I messed around on an 11 x 14 stretched canvas for several days.  I was trying to paint a window I had seen on my recent trip to Seville, Spain.  It was cringeworthy!

I decided to slap some gesso over it and begin again.  The result is nothing like a window, but I like it much better!  

now to come up with a suitable title...

May 23, 2024


 The Clematis are blooming like crazy - so happy to see color in my yard.   It's amazing - one day it's a green vine - the next it's full of blossoms!

acrylic paints creating a rough background

details added in oil paint

Mixed Media - 20 x 20 on stretched canvas

I'm calling this one done!

May 5, 2024

Going on a jet plane...

 My granddaughter and I are going to Spain and Portugal this spring.  Of course, I had to make us each a travel journal!

Wonder-Under to adhere silk to one side of the heavy-weight cotton fabric for inside journal cover

matte medium used to adhere crumpled tissue paper and cheesecloth to front covers
layer of acrylic paints

pamphlet-style pages created in Photoshop, holes punched


All we have to do now is pack our suitcase.

April 16, 2024

Spring Time and the Might Oak

I finished this piece with oil paints. It was a challenge to create the illusion of budding leaves.   Mixing only Cadmium Yellow Lemon and Lamp Black, I made three shades of yellow/green.  I'm satisfied with the end result.  20x20 oil paint on stretched canvas.

April 14, 2024

The Mighty Oak

 I found out this was an oak tree - I asked one of my neighbors.

I decided to roughly draw the trunk and branches quickly with a watercolor pencil.  I may add some more trees in the background or just "bulk" up the tree, and elongate the branches - decisions, decisions... Then I will continue with oil paints once this dries.