April 13, 2021

National Pet Day

It seems like there is a "national something or other" everyday of the year.  I was unaware of a National Pet Day. Turns out it was April 11 - who knew?!  

I don't currently have a pet.  I do have fond memories, however, of the dog my family had when I was growing up.  Snapper was his name.  He was a gentle, loving soul.  He was a mutt for sure - but to me he always looked like he was dressed in a tuxedo.  Black coat, white chest, brown paws and a white tip on his tail.  

An art journal page for Snapper.

torn book pages

acrylic paints

stamping, collage, digital print, family photo

March 22, 2021

Apple & Grapes

I've been enjoying setting up small still lifes then painting them in my art journal.  Small work is fun, quick and can be a challenge.  I think the addition of torn book pages adhered to my journal page before beginning the work adds another level of interest and depth.  What do you think?  I also find propping the journal on my easel allows me more freedom while drawing and painting - free arm movement - that's the key.

As an extra bonus, I ate the fruit for lunch - a two-fer!!


March 13, 2021

Cigar Boxes Organizers

My sweet neighbor gave me a number of cigar boxes. (Her husband smokes Cuban cigars - ugh!)  I decided to paint, collage and use!

First I spray painted the insides with black semi-gloss  acrylic paint - then cut to size artist papers from Stampington.com (I've had these papers for years and never thought to use them for anything before) adhered to outside of boxes with matte medium; sanded the outside edges - highlighted with a black Derwent Inktense Block. 

Labels made in Photoshop for various drawing pens, pencils and markers - I had to sort through all these things - I was shocked at how many pens and markers I had to toss because they were totally dried out!



March 4, 2021

"Hot Peppers"

I made roasted vegetable tostadas for dinner the other night.  I thought the peppers would make an interesting still life painting.  I grabbed my camera for a quick shot before cutting up the peppers for dinner.

torn book pages glued down - thin layer of gesso over top

acrylic paint; palette knife and credit card application - nice texture!

February 23, 2021

The Love Boat

Rather than waste the paint I used on yesterday’s flower painting,  I used an old credit card to smear the leftover paint from my palette onto the adjacent journal page.  Looking at it, I thought I could see a boat - I glued the postage stamp from the envelope onto what seemed like a mast to me; outlined the boat and painted "The Love Boat" this afternoon.

February 22, 2021

Trickle down...

A friend of mine, Marianne, celebrated a birthday recently.  Her friend, Claudia, sent Marianne a birthday card enclosed in a hand painted envelope.  Marianne thought I would like the envelope - and of course, I snapped it up immediately!  I created a journal page centered around the flower which I tore off the envelope.  A no-brainer figuring out which flower Claudia painted!