September 14, 2022

Somewhere in Croatia

I finished this work this afternoon.  You can see the progression below.  I had difficulty deciding how to add the script to the sign over the door.  It's not perfect - but after all, it's not a photograph, it's a painting!
Finished work


September 5, 2022

The Blue Door

In 2009 I took my husband on a tour of Croatia to celebrate his 75th birthday.  At that time, I was still using a "real" camera.  (A few years later, I purchased an iPhone - tossed my digital camera, and never looked back!)  

I remember taking architecture photos - we were on a walking tour - I took pictures of the architecture of every bit that "fit" my criteria!  I'm not exactly sure where we were, but I know I took this photo somewhere in Croatia!

I've wanted to paint this particular scene for quite some time.  I tend to not want to buy new supplies but make do with what I have.  Thus, a rectangular photo had to be drawn on a square canvas. The challenge begins!

charcoal sketch on canvas painted with acrylic background

Tomorrow I plan to take brush in hand and have a go - wish me luck!