March 26, 2019

Red Heads...

I loved red - one of my favorites colors!  Mixed media piece (acrylics, oil paint, oil sticks) 18x24.

 Two Redheads 


March 11, 2019


Most often I draw/paint a single figure.  This time I wanted to try painting multiple figures.

Once again, I gessoed over an existing painting.  After a relatively quick line drawing and some added details, I chose to do the underpainting in unusual colors (acrylics)

Addition of some stenciling on background

Finished the piece with acrylics - hair done with oil sticks - I'm very happy with these two.  Maybe next time I'll go for three!!

March 8, 2019's cold INSIDE!

I'm having so much fun playing with cold wax medium (Gamblin) mixed into oil paints.  My substrate is Arches cold pressed oil paper.  (To keep myself from thinking too much, I started watching the Sopranos while working!)

taped oil paper to work table

mark making with R&F oil stick

layering with oil paint cold wax combo

more layers

removing tape is magical!

I pinned these works onto my design wall to dry

Decisions to be made - add any additional layers once these have dried - something to mull over