September 28, 2018

I'm baaaaaack!

Oh my gosh so much has happened since I last posted.  We went to Brittany, France and had a marvelous time.  Came home for a couple of days - long enough to laundry - packed up and flew to Chicago to celebrate my daughter's 50th birthday.  We had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends.  The day after we returned home from Chicago, my husband was involved in a horrible car accident.  He spent 6 days in the hospital - fractured sternum, a couple of thoracic fractures too.  He's been home for 3 weeks now and is improving slowly but surely thank goodness!

To preserve my sanity, I have been working on an art quilt which is in the final stages of completion.  I'm happy with it but need a break.

What I'm not happy with is an oil painting I did last year.  I'm sure we've all got artwork that for some reason or another just isn't right.  I paint over not toss these works - waste not, want not.  I happened to see some work of artist Andre Kohn in a local gallery.  I love, love his work.  The texture he creates is fantastic.  I could hardly wait to get home and give it a try.

 Painting I'm not happy with - the facial features are "off" - I didn't feel like trying to fix it.

I turned the painting upside down and spread molding past all over.  Once throughly dry, I sanded it enough to get all the loose bits off and smooth it out a little - I wanted to preserve all that gorgeous texture.  Now I need to summon my muse and decide what to do next.  Wish me luck!