February 28, 2022

Pray for Peace in Ukraine

 The war in Ukraine is so upsetting.  My problems fade in comparison.  I cannot imagine what these people are going through...

February 19, 2022

"She's NOT Unfinished - She's Just Getting Started!"

My 23-year-old granddaughter, Emily, modeled outfits in a retro fashion show last weekend. 

I loved the photo my daughter sent me so much, I had to paint it.  

My plan was to not paint the details of the outfit - just keep the outline.  I posed that possibility to my friends for their opinions.  One friend, Suzanne Sanger, opined "just the outline of the dress makes it far more unique and intriguing. I start imagining messages behind that decision. It makes me think. Something like, clothes may make the woman, but it’s the woman inside the clothes who really matters. Hence we see only her because the clothes are irrelevant."  Suzanne was able to articulate what I was thinking perfectly! Once it’s dry and sealed (oil paints), I’ll frame it and send it to Emily. 

original photo

draft drawing
(It was blind luck that the texture I created in the background followed the flow of the outfit.)

completed work (9x12 mixed media)
"Emily - She's NOT Unfinished - She's Just Getting Started!"

February 13, 2022

Front Door Geraniums

The poinsettias we had potted for the holidays are toast now.  What could we put there to replace them?  Geraniums - what a brilliant idea!

11x14 canvas, coated with gesso - base coat with acrylic paints

quick charcoal sketch of potted geraniums

This piece, completed in oil paints, came together so quickly, I forgot to take photos!  A happy problem indeed!


February 9, 2022

A basketful of posies...

Waste Not - Want Not.  I like putting a layer of gesso over an existing painting and starting all over again.  I can't remember what piece I gessoed over - it really doesn't matter...just ready to try something new. The layers it creates add to the interest and history of the piece.

The underlayer of gesso created texture.  Background created with acrylic paint.  I dragged a notched credit card over the top of background while it was still wet to add even more texture.

Kimberly 9XXB pencil - quick sketch

Underpainting in oil

Completed work

February 3, 2022

Miss Electra

 I’ve been messing around in the studio while Richard and I are isolating.  I made this quirky miss “Electra” creature using bits of electrical junk I have around.  Her body is an electrical box, lots of wire, the odd pieces of metal I got from who knows where.   A thick tree twig I found on a morning walk.  I made her a tool apron using a vintage cloth measuring tape.  The legs are vintage hinged carpenter ruler that had belonged to my father and electrical tape. The neck is part of a thread spool from an industrial weaving machine.  Every step was a challenge because I didn't really know where this piece was heading. I'm really happy with how she turned out.

Apoxy Sculpt used to create head

the inner workings

front cover is heavy chip board glued on box; layer of paper clay over top

"rust" created using acrylic paints and sand
 cut plastic from a tomato package to create the tool pouch

found toy tools

She actually is meant to sit on a shelf - legs would never support her weight

showing off her perky boobies!