February 25, 2011

Zipper Rosette

 Zipper Rosettes - tres chic!  I have a ton of old zippers - lots of colors and lengths.  It's always an interesting challenge to give old things new life.

Here's what I did:

Cut zipper pull off and separate zipper into two parts

Thread needle with heavy weight thread.  Turn the zipper in on itself to form a circle and slip stitch in place.

Sew basting type stitches a couple of inches at a time.  Pull thread to create gathers; slip stitch in place.  Insert needle to front of zipper and continue basting.

Repeat above steps until rosette is the size required.

Combine different colored zippers for nosegay.

This was an easy project.  These rosettes can be attached to shoes, handbags, clothing or turned into jewelry.

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February 18, 2011

It's a Cinch!

I bought myself a new tool.  I'd seen the "Cinch" mentioned on several of the group e-mail lists I belong to.  It looked like a real time saver - especially hole punching!  I bound my first book today.  I must say the Cinch was easy enough to use.  (I did watch a couple of U-Tube videos which helped.  I didn't think the directions on the machine itself were quite clear - at least to me - since my book measures 7" wide.)

My desk is covered with notes on keyboard shortcuts for use with PSE (Photoshop Elements).  Now these reminders are all in one place.

This little book contains a lot of the things I reference often.  For example, a list of my current fonts.  I don't know about you, but I have a hard time remembering what each font looks like.  This way I can flip through my book and know what I want immediately without blocking out and trying different fonts for the effect I want.  (You can download a ton of free fun fonts at Dafont.com)

I am no math whiz by any stretch of the imagination!  I find this fraction to decimal conversion very helpful.

Of course, a few blank pages are essential!

I am really looking forward to making more books.  The possibilities are endless.

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February 11, 2011

Be Mine....

Love is in the air!  I made my husband a special Valentine's Day card.

Materials used:
140# cold press water color paper (cut to 9x11)
water soluble crayons
acrylic paint
gold paint pen
paper punches
bone folder
4 glitter hearts
1 decorative brad
junk mail

Water soluble crayons rubbed on both sides of water color paper; brushed with water, let dry.

Sheet of text created in PSE; inkjet printed on both sides of water color paper.

Using bone folder, creases were made 2-1/2 inches (left flap) on one side and 3-/15 inches (right flap) on the opposite side.

Heart shapes punched in middle of card running along top and bottom.  Stencil made of two heart shapes; using dry brush, hearts stenciled randomly on inside and outside of card.  White acrylic paint dry rolled randomly on both sides of card.

Three glitter hearts glued to the 2-1/2 inch flap - (centers marked on back of heart then glued to edge of left flap.)
assorted junk mail sewn together to form an envelope.

Coated with gesso; water soluble crayons and acrylic paints (red and white) dry rolled randomly over top.

Hearts stenciled and stamped with hand carved "LOVE" stamp on one side of envelope.

Decorative brad added to flap side of envelope; glitter heart attached.

Viola - Valentine's Day card and envelope.  (A personal message will be added to the inside of the card, of course!)

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February 4, 2011

Weekend in New York and...

My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in New York City.  We were sooo lucky to have picked a weekend with no snow storms to delay our travel plans.  It was terribly cold.  (In 1991, we moved from Chicago, IL to Naples, FL.  I am so glad I kept my fur coat!)

We had a wonderful time.  As I said, the weather was very, very cold, but the skies were clear - so no real complaints about that.  We layered up and managed fine.

Friday our  early morning flight was about a half hour late arriving in Newark.  We couldn't check into the hotel (Park Central located across the street from Carnegie Hall and at the south end of Central Park), so just left our bags, found a restaurant for lunch and walked around the area.  Radio City was nearby our hotel as was Rockefeller Center - walk, walk, walk that was our mantra.  We ate at Patsy's Italian restaurant for dinner Friday and then walked over to see "Mama Mia."  Really, really fun.  Slept in on Saturday (7AM!)  After breakfast, we took a cab to the Empire State Building.  Beautiful views - but coooooold out on the roof!!  Walked to ABC Carpet - a very neat building filled with stuff - not just carpets - decorative things for the home, etc.  Had hot chocolate to warm up.  Walked to the Artist District (about 8+ blocks or so away).  Very avante garde stuff - I didn't get most of it.  Richard's eyes are still glazed over!  Viewed the construction going on at Ground Zero and then took the subway back to our hotel for a toes up for an hour or so - walked to St. Patrick Cathedral for Mass and subway to China Town for dinner.

On Sunday, we hit a couple of flea markets in Hell's Kitchen.  After lunch, we walked over to see "Billy Elliott" and got back to the hotel in time for Richard to watch the last quarter of the Bear's game - too bad they lost!  After the game, we enjoyed a New York style pizza at a nearby place (IMO - not as good as a Chicago pie!!)  Monday morning we toured the NBC Studios.  We didn't see any celebs, but did see the set of Saturday Night Live, Dr. Oz (I haven't a clue) and Jimmy Fallon (sp?)  Richard went back to the hotel while I took a walk in Central Park.  Snow everywhere - it was glorious!  The flight back to Naples Monday night was on time and uneventful - always a plus!

We packed a lot of sightseeing into our 4 day weekend.

This digital journal page was created in Photoshop Elements using pictures from our trip.  (I scanned the city map, Metro ticket, play bill and entry ticket.) Our photo was taken on the top of the Empire State Building - it was frigid up there!

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February 2, 2011

Artists Soiree celebrating "Artists in Their Studios" by Ruth Dwyer

I am very excited to be one of the artists featured in this new book by Ruth Dwyer.  Come join us at the Artists Soiree February 24, 2011, 4PM-8PM at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Beach Resort in the Vanderbilt Ballroom.  We're going to have a lot of fun.  Tickets Available NOW!