January 24, 2023

A Girl With No Name

I am experimenting with new (to me) painting supplies.  Centurion primed linen 11x14 sheets by Creative Mark.  Smudger brushes, Liquin Olepasto.  This piece was inspired by Pamela Blaeis (Let's Face It 2023). 

I taped the linen to hardboard - accounting for mat, the painting is 9x12 - oil on primed canvas.

January 5, 2023

Small Works

 I take a 4.5-mile walk in my neighborhood every morning.   Lately, I've added to that and walked in one of several parks nearby in the afternoon.  I used to push my husband in his wheelchair in these parks - boardwalks and/or paved paths - easy on me - he loved our little adventures!

Last week, I went to Freedom Park in Naples.  It was a beautiful afternoon for a walk with inspiration everywhere I looked.

Each painting is 4"x4" on stretched canvas, acrylics