October 8, 2020

It's a Wrap!

 I wanted to make either a small box or envelope to house the little 3x3 abstract art pieces I made last week.  Sometimes the wrapping takes longer to figure out and make than the artwork!

After several tries using scrap paper, I decided on what would work best.

wrapped up (the "tails" painted with acrylic paint)

traced my template on the wrong side of decorative scrapbook paper; cut out; scored fold lines

my template (red lines scored for folding); cutouts to insert tail

October 3, 2020

Painting Small

 I had knee replacement surgery on September 22.  Four rounds of daily knee exercises takes up a lot of time, but I do it because I know I will heal faster.  I can think of other ways to a have a good time, however.

I got so sick and tired of sitting in a chair, I knew I had to get into the studio and work on something small - something that I could sit down to do - something I could work on for an hour or so and come back to again later.

These mixed media 3" squares are done on 140# watercolor paper - it was fun to do.  I have a number of 4" round glass top tins which will house some of these little gems and be presented to friends as a thank you for helping me out so much while I'm stuck indoors.