June 30, 2019

Who Do You See?

My husband and I were driving home from dinner last night and spied this fantastic cloud formation.  I simply had to stop the car in the middle of the road (luckily no one was behind me) and took a photo.  I can't decide if the formation looks more like Elvis or The Donald.  Who do you see?

June 29, 2019

Art for Social Justice

I'm thrilled to be part of this invitational exhibit on Social Justice - as you can see, I'm keeping good company!

June 10, 2019

Let's Agree to Disagree...

Mixed Media painting...working on a "not quite a profile" face is a challenge...getting those eyes right...it's a challenge for sure!

June 3, 2019

Bird in Hand

She's finished - love her!  Isn't the bird's acorn cap the sweetest ever :-)

Acrylic paints - several layers - dried thoroughly before addition of more paint.  One more layer should do it.  By then I should have a clearer idea of what the foreground will be.