March 18, 2020

Social Distancing...Part 3


Social Distancing - Part 2

I had some ideas on "Social Distancing" due to the Coronavirus.  Just for fun I decided on the TP issue - you know - there is NONE to be found!  Rather than greet each other with an elbow bump, these two are elbowing their way through the store looking for you know what!

Taking a break before finishing up with this work in progress.

March 16, 2020

Social Distancing...part 1

Coronavirus - taking a break from socializing - staying in the studio to keep my mind off the craziness going on in the world today.  Art cures all things!

11x14 canvas - collage background
add a little white paint

more to follow

March 10, 2020


All of my orchids are blooming - they love their spot in on the window sill in my studio. 
Obviously, the shoe box is not a window sill - I placed the plant there to see it better while I was painting :-)

It was fun to paint flowers and not a portrait for a change!