June 27, 2017

June 26, 2017

I've Got You Pegged

Sometimes it is a royal pain to adjust my easel when I go from large to small canvases.  I solved the problem by using some peg board and pegs...while the holes in the peg board do not allow me to completely surround the canvas, two sides is enough to keep a small/medium canvas stable.

I've used many different palettes - gray palette paper, picture frame glass, acrylic, paper plates, etc.  This home made solution is my favorite.  Approx. 16x19 tempered glass cutting board from Bed, Bath & Beyond; two coats of medium gray spray paint on the "top" rough side - turn it over and use the smooth underside to mix paints - easy to scrape off dried paint.  I priced similar (smaller!) palettes on a number of websites.  The tempered glass costs a fortune.  With coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond and Michaels I was able to make this palette for under $20...just sayin'

June 25, 2017

Full of Myself (Part 3)

I'm pretty pleased with my self-portrait.  Of course, I took advantage of artistic license and decided NO WRINKLES ALLOWED!  I may be 70+, but in my head I feel much younger!  Except for adding a signature, this piece is done.  

June 19, 2017

Full of myself...

I don't know if I dare admit that this is the beginning of a self-portrait.  (I may deny that once it's done!)  Kinda sorry I wore that blouse too - egad, what was I thinking?!

Charcoal and pencil sketch

underpainting (stage 1)

I did tell you that this is just the beginning, didn't I.... :-0

June 16, 2017

June 14, 2017

what's her name...

I'm having a ton of fun working on this doll - old what's her name?!?  I haven't decided what to call her yet.

Getting closer to the finish line :-)

June 10, 2017

Let it rain!

It's been raining like mad here the last week.   Being pent up in my studio for days on end has gotten my creative juices working overtime.

Let's face it - all of my dolls are weirdly odd - that's what I LOVE about them!   I never have a clear idea of what a doll will look like when it's finished.  I just go with the flow; take a look at my stash of materials and....BEGIN!

I have a thing about large noses - the bigger the better!

Lots more to do...let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

June 3, 2017

layer 2...

Second layer of oils added today....it's coming along.  So far, so good.

June 1, 2017


I read an article about underpainting.  I was surprised to find out there are benefits  to using complimentary colors as the base for underpainting.  I thought I'd give it a try.

Set up a simple still life.

Drawing done with blue chalk pastel.  Background is acrylic in medium gray.  Underpainting with complimentary colors.  

It'll be fun to experiment with this...need to let it dry and mull over...