January 29, 2015

A Taste of San Miguel

I had absolutely the best time this afternoon.  I took a food tasting tour.  Oh my gosh, the food was terrific.  The restaurants were delightful.  My tour guide, CC, was so knowledgeable, personable and professional.  I had a private tour which lasted 3-1/2 hours.  I have to say this was the most fun I've had thus far while in San Miguel.  You can book a tour at www.tasteofsanmiguel.com

CC (on right) and me at La Parada

Ceviche La Parada (white fish "cooked" in lime juice)
La Parada Restaurant

 Cochinito Pibil ("barbequed" suckling pig)
La Casa del Diezmo

Mole Negro
La Cocina - I ate in the kitchen!

 Ice Cream - Mamey fruit flavor
Nieves de Garrafa

 Sopa de Tortilla
Los Milagros

 Tequila with salt and lime - my first ever!
Cantina-Bar "El Gato Negro" (the black cat)

 Churro with "Cajeta" filling (caramel made from goat's milk)
San Agustin Churros y Chocolate

Behind closed doors...

One cannot be mislead by the look of a door here in San Miguel.  I have seen some amazing things behind a nondescript door.

I visited the Mask Museum located in the La Cuesta B&B.  The B&B is located way up above the city on a tiny narrow street.  The home and museum were amazing.

Entry Way

Courtyard fountain at the top of the stairs entering the B&B

 One of the guest rooms above the courtyard

 Although photography was not allowed in the museum, we were able to take pictures of the masks offered for sale in the museum shop.

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January 28, 2015

Getting to know you...

getting to know all about you...

San Miguel de Allende is a charming city in Mexico.  It's filled with winding, steep cobblestone streets.  The people are friendly.  Tons of Canadians and Americans have second homes here.  It's amazing the sites that can be found behind old doors.

We are staying at The Villa Mirosal, a beautiful small hotel (12 rooms).  Sunrise view from our hotel room.

The world famous La Parroquia of San Miguel de Allende located in the Jardin.

 One of the many craftsmen selling their wares in the Jardin

January 23, 2015

Thinking inside the box...

I made a number of heArt journals for my upcoming "From the Heart" exhibit with Pamela Larkin Caruso.  I needed something to hold the journals for display purposes.  I taped together some cardboard; said a few magic words and voila!

The journals fit inside perfectly.  I love it.

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January 19, 2015

She has a Real Head for Figures...

Making plaster pots and vessels makes me very happy.  I never know what will emerge...

"She has a Real Head for Figures" - I'm no math whiz that's for sure!

"Brush Cut" holds my brushes, of course!

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January 13, 2015

Some Strings Attached....

Pinocchio, Pinocchio, where are thou Pinocchio?  My dear puppet hangs on my studio wall above my desk.  He is my favorite thing I brought home from Prague.

Textures "Franklin" and "Wednesday" courtesy of Kim Klassen.

January 9, 2015


I love surprises - don't you?

The other day I came across a website called Darn Good Yarn.  It has wonderful yarns made of silk saris and other fibers.  I had to order something, of course!  It arrived today.

Gift wrapped no less.  The tag says "Be good, but more importantly do good.  Kensie Kate packed with love by Amanda."

The next surprise will be what I do with these yummy fibers - loads of possibilities.

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January 4, 2015