June 18, 2022

Secret Binding

I love making books.  I use these for art journals, travel journals, doodles, etc.  I found a YouTube tutorial on the "Secret Binding" - It wasn't complicated to do - it just takes time.  There are a few different tutorials on YouTube regarding this type of binding.

80lb Mixed Media paper to create signatures - that way I can draw, paint, or whatever on the paper without it bleeding through

I'm a big fan of using whatever I have on hand to create my books and/or dolls.  This is leftover chipboard from drawing pads to create the front, back covers and spine

Japanese hole punch - not easy to use with arthritic hands.  I had to punch the holes through front and back to get a clean hole - notice NO holes in spine

random painting with acrylics - handmade rubber stamp

 I used a straight needle threaded with heavy weight red and white bakery twine - to weave the covers together (I've purchased a lot bakery cookies over time!)

blue painter's tape helps keep the covers an equal distance away from the spine

inside covers

One of the perks with this type of binding is that the book lies flat when opened - the signatures are woven through the inside spine using a curved needle and waxed linen thread - thus the "SECRET"!