September 30, 2012


On my recent trip to Nova Scotia, I found a  myriad of things to photograph in Sherbrooke Village.   The villagers still make their own soap and candles.

"Coffee Tea or Me" texture courtesy of Kim Klassen.

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September 28, 2012


This is not Truly - just a neat old truck I found while driving around in Nova Scotia!

"Wicked" texture courtesy of Pixel Dust Photo Art.

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September 23, 2012

Sunday morning...

This little church is no longer active and is located in Digby Neck, Nova Scotia.

I took the picture on a rainy Thursday morning; altered with several Topaz Labs filters and finally a layer of "Zuzu" texture courtesy of Kim Klassen;  "Curled Journal Spots No. 5" by K.Pertiet (Designer Digitals).

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September 22, 2012

Nova Scotia - Peggy's Cove

Our last adventure before heading home.  It was a drizzly day, mild temperature, and foggy which made driving a challenge.

I'd been looking forward to visiting Peggy's Cove and taking photographs ever since we first planned this trip.  It's a small place, with tons of tourist buses and people milling about.

The last lighthouse on our journey!

"Harbour Mist" an appropriate name for this boat!

Great reflections in the water!

 The hills in this small village are dotted with houses and small out buildings.

We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation in Nova Scotia and PEI but are weary of living out of a suitcase.  I'm looking forward to getting back in my studio and pouring over my  photographs.

My travel journal is almost finished - more on that another day.

September 21, 2012

Nova Scotia - Lunenburg

A cloudy day, but no rain (so far).   We drove down through the middle of Nova Scotia to save time to enable us to enjoy most of the day in Lunenburg.  I'm so glad we did - what a beautiful place.

A harbour filled with large and small sailing vessels.  Steep streets lined with gorgeous old homes; gardens still in bloom and galleries a plenty!

We ate lunch at the Dockside

 a delicious seafood chowder

 Just a few of the front doors adorning these gracious homes.  I took so many pictures of doors, I lost count - and I know I missed a few...

September 19, 2012

The Tide's Out in Digby

Low tide at the wharf here in Digby, NS.  At high tide, the boats rise to the top of the pier!

We saw this boat at Sandy Cove on Digby Neck - a long peninsula and two islands.  Obviously, the tide it out.  We took short car ferry hops to reach Long Island and Brier Island.  It rained most of the day, so other than jumping out of the car to take photos, we didn't get much exercise today.

This old worn out building at a cove in Digby Neck caught my fancy!

The Information/Visitor Office in Digby.  The colorful folk art paintings are those of Maud Lewis.

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September 18, 2012

Nova Scotia - The Road to Digby

We said good-bye to PEI and headed south via the 9 mile long Confederation Bridge bringing us to New Brunswick and then on to Nova Scotia.

Burncoat is an area with dramatic tides which can rise 40-48 feet in a very short time.

Richard walked up to a cliff and down again - he's treading carefully because this rock is very slippery.   (Here the tide was coming in.)  The tides in the Bay of Fundy can recede up to 1.5 miles in low tide!

We took a self-guided walking tour of the Wolfville Heritage Properties.  These lovely old homes date between 1774 to 1920.  There were 24 homes on the tour.

We treated ourselves to ice cream before heading on towards Digby where we will stay for two nights.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will see some whales!

PEI - Charlottetown

We continue to be blessed with great weather on this trip.

An abandoned building in Victoria by the Sea, PEI.  

We walked along the boardwalk in Charlottetown.  After lunch, we passed by the Fire Station and saw this fabulous vintage (1929) fire truck.  One of the firemen graciously offered to take our picture.

Another in a series of lighthouses we've discovered.  This one is located at the Prince Edward Island National Park near the town of Cavendish (Anne of Green Gables).

"Seriously" texture courtesy of Kim Klassen.

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September 16, 2012

Nova Scotia - Victoria by the Sea

This afternoon, we took the car ferry from Caribou, NS to Wood Islands PEI (Prince Edward Island).  It took about 1.25 hrs.

The Orient Hotel - our B&B - so charming - located in Victoria by the Sea

The front entry to the local candy store (closed for the season).  This is a small town and most of the shops are either closed or have shortened hours because of the time of year.  By mid-October everything closes down for the winter.  There were a few art studios opened when we arrived so we looked around a bit. 

 These little hut type structures are down by the seawall.

The tide is out.  I was tempted to take off my shoes and walk in the shallow water - but it's too cold today!!

Part of the seawall.  I can hardly wait to explore this beautiful place.

September 15, 2012

Nova Scotia - Louisbourg & Beddeck

Leaving Ingonish this morning - took the car ferry towards Fortress of Louisbourg.

Car ferry

 Louisbourg Lighthouse

 We hiked along the lighthouse path and found signs to watch out for coyotes - yikes - take a stick for self-defense!


We made it out of Louisbourg in one piece - thank goodness!  Back in the car to Beddeck.  Here is a view of the lovely lighthouse in Beddeck.

Nova Scotia - The Cabot Trail

A day of firsts!  We ate a quick breakfast at McDonald's - the first we've seen here in Nova Scotia.  

The boardwalk in Port Hood - we stopped to take a walk.

The first lighthouse we found in Mabou.

A view from the boardwalk portion of the Skyline Trail

The first moose we've seen - on the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park 

Needless to say, we're having a grand time.

September 13, 2012

Nova Scotia - Sherbrooke Village

The drive up the Marine Drive (Route 7) is fabulous.  Lots of coastal views and small towns.  The weather continues to be mild - mid 70s - bright blue skies and light breezes.

On the drive to Sherbrooke Village, we espied this neat little house covered in folk art.

 A little respite from the drive - a walk along the river in Sheet Harbour.

 A boat in dry dock?!?!

Sherbrooke Village

Vintage Post Office in Sherbrooke Village

One of the workers in Sherbrooke Village

Another fun and interesting day in Nova Scotia.