September 27, 2010

Boxing Day

It's time to ship the quilts to Germany for exhibit at Carl-Schurz Haus.  I ordered the sturdiest corrugated box I could find from U-line. ( I had to order 5 boxes even though I only needed one.  The box would normally hold a flat screen television - can't get much sturdier than that!)

I learned so much getting ready for this exhibit.  The best phone call I made was to Fedex Trade Networks.  Without the helpful assistance of Odalys Plasencia, a Fedex Trade Networks Customs Broker, I would have torn my hair out figuring out how to go about shipping this large box.  In order to avoid paying duty on the shipment, it was necessary to obtain ATA Carnet documents.  I found out that the price of these documents can vary.  I used Carnets On-Line - these people were also very helpful and provided speedy service at a reasonable fee.

Some of the quilts to be shipped

The quilts were rolled one-at-a-time around 2" pvc pipe.

Four bundles of quilts - each bundle encased in a plastic sleeve.  The wooden hanging slats also needed to be shipped.

The box

Packing material (styrofoam insulation wrapped with plastic) to keep the quilts from rolling around inside the box.

The box packed, sealed and ready for pick-up by Fedex.

Pickup by Fedex - next stop Freiburg!

September 23, 2010

It's elementary, my dear Watson

Playing around with Photoshop Elements is addicting.  There is so much to learn - one could spend hours and hours with the software and only hit the tip of the iceberg.

I took one photograph and altered it in layers.  I took this photo at an Arcadian village in Louisiana a couple of years ago.   I just love the quick painterly effect that can be accomplished with just a few keystrokes!

Original Photo

The background layer was duplicated, then a filter added (filter-stylize-find edges).  By changing the blend mode of the duplicate layer, amazing results happen.  Each of the following has a different blend mode.

Blend Mode - Multiply

Blend Mode - Overlay

Effects - Sepia

 Just the other day, I added the "stitched line" to my blog background - but that's story for another day!

September 11, 2010

Taking My Show on the Road

I have been invited to exhibit my quilts at Carl Schurz Haus in Freiburg, Germany.  The exhibit will be on display October 15 through December 13, 2010.  I'm really excited about this fabulous opportunity.

I have been planning for this trip for almost a year now.  It has been a real eyeopener - so many details and things to think about!

In anticipation of this trip, I made myself a travel journal.

Photographed a map of Germany showing Freiburg

Altered the map in Photoshop Elements and created a page for each day 

White 6x9 envelopes painted with watercolor

Circles cut out of card stock painted with watercolor; holes punched in center

Clasp created using these circles and attached to envelopes.  These envelopes will hold postcards and other memorabilia I find along the way! 

Pages stacked together and attached to covers

Covers made of "fabric paper" and glued to cardboard

Finished journal

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