July 10, 2010

Landscape Pillow

Quite a few years ago,  I had a chair covered with my needlepoint.  This chair needed a pillow - don't they all?!  A couple of vacation photos inspired the design of the pillow.

Sketches were drawn combining pleasing elements from both photos.

The pillow is made of hand painted silk dupioni.  Several layers of silk organza stitched in place represent the mountains.  Dark green silk dupioni stitched over top represents the trees.  The topmost layer consists of light green silk dupioni (flower stems), raspberry silk dupioni and ultra suede (flowers).

Narrow piping made of lilac silk dupioni adds a finishing touch to the pillow.

I prefer an eclectic style of decorating.  The landscape pillow looks happy in its new home.

1 comment:

nannykim said...

How pretty and love your corner. The wall color is so nice too!