October 23, 2010

Freiburg - Working with the Students

I'm not a quilt teacher by any stretch, but I am enjoying my time working with the university students here.  I'm showing them some of the techniques I use to make a quilt.  These young textile students are very eager to learn, which is fun for me.

 most of the students have never used a rotary cutter and mat - thankfully no cut fingers today!

We are meeting again on Saturday morning.  Things are progressing nicely.

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Gayle said...

Guten Tag, Pat,
Really enjoying your blog. So nice to see your great photos of the old, old buildings, churches and current architecture - only in Europe. Thank you.!! :)
What are the yellow cubes hanging from the ceiling in the classroom?
Don't deprive yourself of the German sweets!!
Safe trip next week as you continue your journey.