October 18, 2010

Freiburg - Sunday Adventure

Another rainy day...our friends Anne-Marie and Uli Grundmeier drove us to a nearby village, Faustadt Staufen, known for its vineyards and cherry water.

The city hall clock was chiming while we roamed around.

The castle ruins are surrounded by vineyards and overlooks the village below.  We walked to the top - beautiful views.

The castle was built in 1100 - but is now deserted, of course!

Faudstadt Staufen is the home of the famous Cafe Decker.  There were so many desserts on display it was hard to choose.  Richard enjoyed an apple tart with whipped cream.  I had cafe au lait - too many sweets for me on this trip - so I just lusted after his  rather than have a piece of my own.

In the evening, we took the tram to the old city (Freiburg) and attended a concert at St. Martin Church.  The Oratorio by Carl Loewe was outstanding and it was its premier performance.  The acoustics were absolutely wonderful - the guest soloists had beautiful voices.  The performance lasted 2 hours without an intermission - thank goodness - because the hardwood seats and the chill of the church was a bit uncomfortable.  The wondrous music more than made up for our minor discomfort!

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annee said...

Great photos Pat...looks like a wonderful place!!!!!!