October 29, 2010

Freiburg - Things are Looking Up and Making New Friends

Tanya and I had a great time exploring the old city this afternoon.  We spent a good deal of time "looking up."  It's amazing the variety of statues and signs that are located above eye level.

At lunch we had the good fortune of sharing a table with two lovely French ladies who were in Freiburg for the day.  The pub food was great.  Laurence and Franciose are teachers although Franciose just recently retired.  They even joined Tanya and me when we went to the Carl Schurz Haus to see my exhibit!

Seated from left to right - Pat, Laurence, Franciose and Tanya
  (The picture is a bit blurry - blame the waitress - she took the picture!)  

I have been sharing the apartment with a very nice young woman, Louise Bech Hansen.  She is an exchange student from Denmark and is studying the German language which she plans to teach.  She's been invited to a Halloween Party tomorrow and donned her dirndl outfit tonight to give us a sneak peek.

Tomorrow is my last day working with the textile students.  On Saturday, Tanya and I will take the train to Zurich for five nights.

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