October 15, 2010

Freiburg - Getting Settled

We had a great flight out of Miami to Zurich - everything on time.  Getting our luggage and buying train tickets was easy enough too.  We had to make 3 transfers on the train which was a little stressful carrying large suitcases and running from track to track, but we managed to find our way to Freiburg without mishap!

The first thing we noticed at the Freiburg main train station was bicycles.  Evidently this is the bicycle capitol of Germany - everyone rides one.
We hung my quilts (15) at Carl Schurz Haus yesterday with the help of CSH interns and ladies of the Freiburg Quilt Club.

From left to right, interns Sabina, Patrick, me, Uta Schroeder, Freiburg Quilt Club members Olma and Patricia.  (A few other quilt club ladies helped but had already left before this picture was taken.)  The help of many hands made the hanging almost effortless for me.

After the quilts were hung, my husband Richard, Sabina, Patrick and I went to lunch - our first German meal - oh so good.  I had a delicious cream of pumpkin soup and winter salad.

I had problems with my computer - Safari wasn't working for me.  Mr. Haupt from the computer department here at the University of Education did his magic and now has me up and running.  

We are staying in a very comfortable 2 bedroom apartment on the University of Education's campus - more about that later.

Tonight is the opening reception for the exhibit.  This is going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

Your quilts will knock the lederhosen off everyone who sees them! Tanya

Jennifer said...

Tanya's right ... it's going to be fabulous! Be sure to take pictures of the flying lederhosen LOL! (Btw, that pumpkin soup sounds delish!)