July 16, 2018

My Best Bud...

Traveling soon - I'm trying to make sure I bring all the cords, earbuds, etc. with me.  I ordered new earbuds but they didn't come with a case...

Problem solved!

How I did it...

July 9, 2018

I've Got You Covered...

I bought a new purse the other day.  I realized my wallet was too big for this purse - mainly because the wallet had a built-in check book holder.   I don't know about you, but I write about 6-10 a year - hardly worth carrying around in my wallet.  Of course, I had to buy a smaller wallet...but then I had no cover for my checkbook and register - a conundrum!

I started looking around on Amazon, Ebay, etc. and then thought to myself "what are you doing - just make your own!"  Which is what I did.

Canvas cut to 7.5 x 13.5

acrylic paint

Sharpie oil based marker - love these markers! 

When paint was dry, fusible webbing sandwiched between canvas and silk remnant cut to size

trimmed piece to 6.75 x 13 - marked center and 3" from each end; straight stitch over the lines

zigzag stitch over short ends

folded the ends at the 3" marks, pressed crease with steam iron

zigzag stitch over raw edges

insert checkbook and register

I'm very happy with the way this turned out - took about an hour in total to do and didn't cost a cent!

June 28, 2018

These Divas Rock!!

After finding a Swartz Creek kindness rock in my yard a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to paint some of my own.

I invited friends over to join me in the studio and have some fun - and it was!  I was lucky to get a deal on a bag of open rocks at Home Depot.  After washing them up, we were good to go.

I painted these four rocks.  The red heart was "hidden" in plain sight on a bench at the community park near where I live.  This morning, I felt a thrill of fear and excitement as undercover of dark, I placed the yellow bird in our neighborhood.  I need to think about where to place the two remaining - the beach would be the obvious choice for the beach umbrella, but the face, oh that face, it's going to be hard to give up!  One of my friends made a special FB page, "These Divas Rock" and hopefully the finders of our little treasures will post them to that FB page.

My friends kept busy - we ate pizza, drank wine and painted rocks!

June 26, 2018

Balancing Act

"Balancing Act" is now complete...will seal her tomorrow.  I'm happy with the way she turned out!

June 23, 2018


Work In Progress...I started the painting process, but it's slow going.  I decided to base coat the hands and arms before adding more clay to the shoulders - it never ends!  She looks very solemn don't you think?  She must be trying to keep her balance and not fall off her bubble - serious stuff!!