May 24, 2020

Save the Arts!

Once the pandemic is over, I hope museums and galleries will open once again.  Money is tight everywhere.  Consider donating to your favorite art place!

A page from my Safe at Home journal

May 14, 2020

Business as Usual...

Time on my hands, looking for something to do.  A big project on my design wall, but I need a little distraction.  I decided to make a business card case out of whatever was lying around.

Fabric "paper" remnant

cut to my pattern dimensions

stitched all layers together using serger

acrylic paints; stitched ribbon 


all tied up

April 21, 2020

Safe at Home Journal

Spending a little time here and there working on the journal I made a few days ago.

April 20, 2020

the hair cut...

Before I cut my own hair...practice, practice, practice!  My husband is bowled over by my never ending talents - he's such a good sport!

April 18, 2020

Stay Safe at Home...

I love making my own books and journals.  I've been thinking about making one strictly for the Coronavirus pandemic and finally got around to it.

Journal made from one single Trader Joe's paper grocery bag.  (Painted bottom of the grocery bag  glued to leftover cereal box cardboard cut to size to make journal cover)

cut bag open; remove handles and bottom of bag

acrylic paints

after paint dried a layer of clear acrylic gesso added

cut the painted paper in half

mountain and valley folds

glue pages together

 painted bottom of bag to be used for cover

after gluing all the pages together and adding cover, insert wax paper between pages and let completely dry overnight

The title words were ripped from the newspaper and glued in place