October 26, 2010

Freiburg - Textures of the City

Camera in hand, I traipsed around the city drooling over displays in shop windows.  What I found to be more interesting, however, were the sights outside the shops.  I kept my eye out for different textures and took loads of photos.  A picture of the most mundane thing would be interesting after manipulation in Photoshop.  Here's what I found today:

statuary in the Augustine Museum

manhole cover

tramline and sidewalk

fall leaves

sidewalk mosaics - these can be found all over the old city

metal applique on the side of a house bordering the bike path

"frosted" leaves

street drain

church door

door hardware

side of a building

window grate

weathered paper on a street sign

yarn display outside a shop


I did buy a few things today, but the pictures I took gave me the greatest pleasure and they were free! 


Gayle said...

You and your camera have a wonderful eye to capture the beauty in scenes that we pass by without much thought. These beautiful shots reminder us to look around and see the beauty and detail in objects that we take for granted. Thank you for reminding us, thru your pictures, to take time to "see".

Kathy said...

Marvelous pictures - you certainly did capture a wide variety of textures -

englishbites said...

Great textures. I love the focus on small things that most people don't even notice - it's looking at the world from a different angle and that requires a keen eye and creativity. Good job!