October 17, 2010

Freiburg - Market Day

Raining on Saturday.  We started out the day at the market in the square outside the Munster (cathedral). We bought some groceries from a local market in anticipation of the stores being closed Sunday.

So many beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables and housewares for sale!

shoes made out of hay!

I loved the assortment of brooms and brushes too

There was a free organ concert inside the cathedral.  It was a good excuse to get out of the rain.  On the program were two works: Priere op. 20 by Cesar Franck and Toccata by Theodore Dubois.  After the half hour concert, we ate bratwurst sandwiches from one of the market vendors - lots of mustard and grilled onions.  Messy to eat while holding an umbrella, but well worth the effort.

The Munster was built in three stages, the first beginning in the year 1120, the second in 1210 and the third in 1230.  Of the original building, only the foundations still exist.  The church was officially recognized as a cathedral in 1827.

Visiting art museums is another good thing to do on a rainy day.  We visited two.  I especially enjoyed the joint venture of artists (mother and daughter) Barbara and Katarina Grosse at the Austinermuseum.

Artwork by Katarina Grosse

Etchings by Barbara Grosse

The top three floors of the Augustinermuseum exhibited stained glass windows, statuary and other artifacts once part of the Munster.  

We also visited the museum fur neue kunst (modern art).  Unfortunately, there was only one exhibit on view.

One last stop before going back to the apartment.  Karl Etoffe and Max Tessuti's shop.  Fabulous fabrics and trim!


Kathy said...

hello! Love the market pictures - especially the black & white broom! I am visiting via Pink Saturday - I think this is my first visit! Hope you have a terrific day,

Anonymous said...

Pat and Richard, Wish we were there
Love to travel with the two of you
Our timing is off, we will be in Germany 12/7 Christmas Markets along the Danube
Excited for you on this exhibit.
Will follow your blog Pat and Bob

ParisMaddy said...

What a great first visit to your blog. Absolutely loved your pictures. One of the things I adore about visiting Europe is all of the opportunities for hearing beautiful music---it's seemingly everywhere.
Hope you have a fantastic trip.

scott davidson said...

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