October 16, 2010

Freiburg - Opening Night and...

We started out the day taking the train to Hinterzarten, a delightful village in the Black Forest.

The weather is quite chilly for us Floridians.  We haven't seen much of the sun since we've been here.  It hasn't rained, so we are not complaining about the weather.  Actually, the cold climate is a nice change after the long hot season in Naples.  The altitude is 850-1400 m.

There are numerous trails for hiking here

a little local wildlife 

all kinds of creatures roaming the Black Forest!

We bought Black Forest cake at the bakery and wolfed it down before even thinking about taking a picture of it!

The opening reception was a great success.  Lots of people attended.  ((I was told by the staff of Carl Schurz Haus that people who were unable to attend the evening reception were waiting in line when it opened its doors in the morning.)  Members of the Freiburg Quilt Club made wonderful food for the guests to enjoy.

The whole evening was a wonderful experience.  I'll never forget it.

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