October 25, 2010

Freiburg - A River Runs Through It

I rode the small train to the main Freiburg station with Richard early this Sunday morning.  He's going back to Naples and I will stay here in Freiburg another week.  It was a rainy morning - not cold - actually the weather was mild and perfect for a long walk.  It was really a joy walking through the deserted old city listening to the Munster's church bells ringing, the street cleaners doing their job, the aroma of fresh rolls filled the air.  It's a bit more than a 4km walk from the main station to Littenweiler.

a little window shopping along the way

 cool boots!

I walked along the bike/pedestrian path that runs along the Dreisam River.

The Dreisam River runs through Freiburg and empties into the Elz, a tributary of the Rhine River.  The waters of the Dreisam feed the famous Freiburg Bachle which are small water-filled runnels and can be seen along most streets and alleyways in the old city.  It is said that if a person accidentally steps into one of the little streams they will end up marrying a Freiburger. 

I wasn't the only one out and about!

I saw a poster for a concert at the Konzerthaus tonight and may go

nearly "home"

the bell tower of St. Barbara's church near the apartment - mist rising in the Black Forest

It was a lovely walk!

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