September 16, 2012

Nova Scotia - Victoria by the Sea

This afternoon, we took the car ferry from Caribou, NS to Wood Islands PEI (Prince Edward Island).  It took about 1.25 hrs.

The Orient Hotel - our B&B - so charming - located in Victoria by the Sea

The front entry to the local candy store (closed for the season).  This is a small town and most of the shops are either closed or have shortened hours because of the time of year.  By mid-October everything closes down for the winter.  There were a few art studios opened when we arrived so we looked around a bit. 

 These little hut type structures are down by the seawall.

The tide is out.  I was tempted to take off my shoes and walk in the shallow water - but it's too cold today!!

Part of the seawall.  I can hardly wait to explore this beautiful place.


ashok said...

lovely set of images!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Wow what a wonderful adventure! I love places like this they hold so many unique images to capture and many to explore! Have fun! Looks like a feast for the eyes!

Jeanie said...

Simply love that big maple leaf on the front of the ship! And those "lollipops" by the window! How cheery!