September 15, 2012

Nova Scotia - Louisbourg & Beddeck

Leaving Ingonish this morning - took the car ferry towards Fortress of Louisbourg.

Car ferry

 Louisbourg Lighthouse

 We hiked along the lighthouse path and found signs to watch out for coyotes - yikes - take a stick for self-defense!


We made it out of Louisbourg in one piece - thank goodness!  Back in the car to Beddeck.  Here is a view of the lovely lighthouse in Beddeck.


AntiquityTravelers said...

What a pretty place for a hike, but coyotes? hmm, not sure I would have gotten out of the car!

Jeanie said...

This is so romantic, charming and lovely it simply makes me smile~

geetlee said...

The lighthouse looks beautiful as does the lovely blue ocean... sigh!
I would be scared if I saw a coyote on a hike.. glad you never saw any :)