September 18, 2012

Nova Scotia - The Road to Digby

We said good-bye to PEI and headed south via the 9 mile long Confederation Bridge bringing us to New Brunswick and then on to Nova Scotia.

Burncoat is an area with dramatic tides which can rise 40-48 feet in a very short time.

Richard walked up to a cliff and down again - he's treading carefully because this rock is very slippery.   (Here the tide was coming in.)  The tides in the Bay of Fundy can recede up to 1.5 miles in low tide!

We took a self-guided walking tour of the Wolfville Heritage Properties.  These lovely old homes date between 1774 to 1920.  There were 24 homes on the tour.

We treated ourselves to ice cream before heading on towards Digby where we will stay for two nights.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will see some whales!

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Jeanie said...

Many happy smiles as I enjoy this!