September 12, 2012

Nova Scotia - Halifax

We're staying at the Best Western Chocolate Lake - what a great name for a lake.  It's a manmade lake near a chocolate factory - we haven't  seen the factory yet.

View of the lake from hotel deck

All the guide books mention this restaurant - it's down on the waterfront - about a 9 block walk from The Citadel.

 We enjoyed our lunch outdoors on the waterfront - so beautiful!  The weather is fantastic - mid 70s, bright sunny and a cool breeze.

Nova Scotia - it's a great place.  The people are very friendly and everything is sparkling.


Anns Art said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to chill.

Jeanie said...

Beautiful spot! Rick would love that restaurant for sure -- it has Bicycle in the name! I like the graphics on their door and plates.

Anonymous said...

How cool to have a twin.