November 5, 2009

Croatia - Day 7

We were pleasantly surprised to wake up and see the sun this morning. We decided to walk the "Lungomare," the seaside promenade that runs 7.5 miles along the waterfront and leads to the lovely resort town Lovran.
Here you can see our hotel in the background (orange building). The sea and sky were absolutely beautiful even though it was a cloudy day. We walked for several miles, stopped for lunch and continued on to Lovran.

We saw some people who were brave (or crazy) enough to go swimming. They said the water was warm. They had to be cold once out of the water - the air temperature was in the mid 50sF.
We were taken to a restaurant up in the mountains for dinner. The menu consisted of local specialties including venison soup, venison cooked in blueberry sauce, mixed vegetables and green salad. The dessert was a mixture of pumpkin and apple baked in a light pastry. Everthing was delicious.

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