November 4, 2009

Croatia - Day 6

A very rainy travel day, but not too cold. We're working our way up to Opatija where we will stay for 4 nights. On the way from Split we detoured so that we could see a ghost town, which resulted from the shelling of the recent war (1991-1995). There are still areas to be avoided because of live land mines.Some people are rebuilding, but most of the beautiful countryside has been devasted. The demolished homes remain.
We travelled through the mountains to get to Opatija, which is located on the sea. We saw the first snow as we travelled through the mountains today. There will be more waiting for us next week when we arrive in Bled, Slovenia.

We haven't had a chance to explore Opatija yet. There is a 7 mile boardwalk in front of our seaside hotel. I plan to walk as much of this as possible - rain or not!
Our hotel The Grand - is beautiful. It is in the Venetian style and quite lovely. Thus far, the rooms in all of our hotels have been quite spacious - so different from what we're accustomed to while traveling in Europe.

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