November 8, 2009

Croatia Day 10

Rain, rain, rain. We left Opatija early this morning heading towards our final destination of Bled, Slovenia. On the way, we stopped at the Postojna Caves, created by millions of years of water activity. These caves are huge. We had to take a 10 minute train ride to reach the starting point of the walk inside the cave. It was difficult to take pictures without a flash. Most of the pictures look a little wierd, but I like the effect anyway. The walk through the caves took a bit more than an hour so you can imagine what a large area they cover. The caves were first discovered in 1818 and opened to the public for touring in 1819. The whole cave systems extends about 2o kilometers. These caves are in several levels. At one point were 50 feet below the entrance to the cave. We've been in caves before, but nothing like this.

We ate lunch at a restaurant connected to the caves. It was typical local fare - sausage, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, bread and wine!

We're staying at Hotel Park, another 5 star hotel - very rustic and charming. Above is the view from our room. It's hard to see because of the mist, but there is a church on this the only island in Slovenia. It's a popular place for weddings. The only catch is there are 100 stairs leading to the church and the bride must be carried by the groom! Of course, everyone needs to arrive by boat.

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