November 10, 2009

Croatia Day 11

Partly cloudy skies this morning, but rain is on its way. We thought we better hike up to the castle before the rain started. We could glimpse the castle from our hotel. We hiked up a rocky goat path. Going up was difficult. All the wet leaves on the path made going down a challenge. I'm happy to say we made it and didn't fall once! This is St. Martin's Church. We attended Mass here on Sunday night.
A view of Bled from atop the castle. For 800 years the Bled Castle was the seat of the bishops of Brixen. Bled is blessed with natural hot springs regarded as having healing powers and has been a popular fresh-air retreat since the mid-19th century. We walked the 4 mile path surrounding the lake. By this time it was raining steadily - luckily we were dressed for it and had umbrellas. After the hike, we treated ourselves to cream cake which was invented by a chef in our hotel dining room and well known in the area. It was light and delicious. I could have eaten more - maybe tomorrow...
Buildings on the top of the castle. The museum and gift shop are located here. All of the views are fantastic. Many blackbirds could be seen in the colorful vines eating blueberries.

This is the part of the path we followed going up to and down from the castle.
There's a promise of sun the next two days - I hope it clears up. This is a fairytale land in the Alps and I'd like to take more picture of it.

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