November 9, 2011


We spent most of the day touring the Old City of Seville.

Bird Man of Seville - Juanjo our tour guide and the white pigeons in the Park of Maria Luisa outside the Pavilion of Spain.

Pavilion of Spain built in 1929 for the World Expo.  It took 11 years to build.

Inner plaza of the pavilion.  A little river runs through it with a number of tiled bridges crossing over.

The Cathedral of Seville - the largest cathedral of Spain (and perhaps the world, depending on what measurements are used).  The total surface area of the building is 23,500 square meters.
1184-1198 - Seville's Main Mosque and minerat were built.  
1218 - The Mosque was consecrated as a Cathedral.  
1434-1517 - Construction work began on the gothic Cathedral.
1528-1601 - During the Renaissance, work was carried out in the Royal Chapel, the Main Sacristy, the Chapter House and its annexes.
1618-1758 - Baroque in the Cathedral, the Parish Church of El Sagrario and two minor chapels on the same side of the building.
1825-1928 - The last major works in the Cathedral; three main doors and the southwest corner.
Christopher Columbus is buried here.

Outer walls of the cathedral.

The universal cure for the common cold - chicken soup.  We enjoyed a steaming hot bowl of Picadillo soup at 3 de Oro bar.

Tonight we go to dinner and Flamenco show.


Sylvia said...

Looks like a wonderful day, Pat !
Enjoy your dinner and the show !
Lovely wishes,

Ann's Art said...

Your trip looks wonderful, you are obviously thoroughly enjoying it. Oh, and that soup looks delicious, yum!!