November 11, 2011

The Road to Lisbon...

Travel day from Seville, Spain to Lisbon, Portugal.  Along the way, we were treated to a lunch at the beautiful 800 acre horse ranch "Brito Pates".  The ranch is owned by Maria Brito Paes and her four sons.  They breed Lusitanian, English and German horses.  These are not racing horses, but more for riding, exhibition and dressage.

Ranch House

Entry to Exhibition Barn

Exhibition Barn

Pure Lusitanian Horse

Maria's youngest son on horseback

Entry to Ranch House

View of ranch land

Cork trees, among other trees, grow in great numbers along the road side to Lisbon.  I never realized that cork is from the bark of a certain kind of oak tree.  The bark is peeled away in sections from the tree and harvested every 9 years in order not to kill the tree.  I wonder who first put some cork bark in a wine bottle?

Cork Tree

The tree is painted with the number which indicates the year it was harvested - in this case 2011.  Then in 2020, the tree bark will be ready for harvesting once again.

Pile of Harvest Cork Bark

Truly a day of wondrous discoveries.  We'll be in Lisbon in time for a late dinner - this being a "civilized country", of course!


Ann's Art said...

Yet more fabulous photographs of your trip...lovely to see. How lucky you are visiting a ranch with their gorgeous horses, lucky you. Continue enjoying your trip.

ashok said...

loved this post...enjoyed every snap u hace posted :)

Kia said...

Awww, so many gorgeous things to see! Thanks for sharing :)