November 14, 2011

Island of Madeira, Portugal

We're now situated in Funchal, the largest city and capital of Portugal's autonomous Region of Madeira.
On September 23, 1433, the name "Llha da Madeira" (island of wood) began to appear in the first documents and maps.  The name given to the islands corresponded to the large dense forests of native laurisilva trees that populated the island during the settlement.  It's a fantastic place - I can hardly wait to get my walking shoes on and start exploring.

The weather was rainy when we arrived yesterday, but a promise of blue skies is in the forecast.

Atlantic Ocean
Fabulous coast line - our hotel is the white building in the middle of the upper lefthand corner. 

It's impossible to tell from this photo, but there is quite a steep drop down to the ocean here!

One of the many beautiful flowers growing in abundunce all over the island


Jenni said...

It looks wonderful..enjoy.

ashok said...

lovely flower...

Cindy said...

So beautiful! I miss the ocean!