March 13, 2011

Say It With Flowers...

Here is an easy way to make a fabric flower.

Cut five circles from scrap fabric

Finger press in half;  baste stitch with strong thread near the fold line

Add each petal as above then remove needle and pull both ends of thread together; tie a square knot.

Place a small square of felt on "back" side of flower; sew beads on top of flower going through the felt on back to hold everything in place.

I used the flower to adorn a hand made thank you note.

Go to Pink Saturday for more inspiration!


Amisha said...

This is so fun and you have given such great steps!

Angela said...

Those are so cute! If I had a daughter, I can see myself making all kids of hair accessories this way!

Deanna said...

Hi Pat,
loved the tutortial. Sweet flower indeed!

Happy Pink and Green Saturday
Deanna :D

Jennifer said...

Oh, dear, Mom ... you're slipping ... you made something {{gasp}} cute!! LOL! Love it!

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

I have made these flowers and they are addictive and lots of fun!