July 3, 2010

I'm in the Mode....

I've been working my way through several Photoshop Elements books.  The result of layering two or three of my own photographs, adding blend modes, changing the opacity, levels, etc. is amazing and addictive.  There are at least 3 different ways to accomplish the same task.  Learning the shortcuts is a big time saver.  I only recently discovered that by pressing down the Shift Key and the + key repeatedly allows one to toggle through the blend modes - seeing how each blend mode affects the layer below - tres cool!

European Flower Market

 Scanned brown paper bag

Gaussian Blur added to first photo layered with brown paper bag blend mode Difference; an additional layer of black brushed around the outside of the layer - Gaussian Blur added 

The above layers were merged and layered over top of another photo of coneflowers.  This is still a work in progress...the possibilities are endless!

layered photos I took of the Statue of Liberty, beach sand, cactus; color removed, several blend modes added.  This is my personal favorite!

color removed from a my photo of granddaughter, Emily, then color brushed on

layered photos I took of granddaughter, Abby, pavement, then eraser

See what I mean - addictive!


Desiree said...

Awesome, don't you just love those filters!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Amazing what you can accomplish!

Flora Doora