July 31, 2010

Sitting Pretty

As a new quilter, I made tons of bed quilts.  Every sibling, child, grandchild received the gift of a quilt.  At that time, we had two homes - total of 4 bedrooms - all beds had quilts.  Somewhere along the line, I stopped making bed quilts - I still love them - just don't make them.  Remarkably, there are no longer bed quilts in our home (unless you count the quilts piled up on the guest bed waiting to be shipped out to various exhibitions!)

I do have a number of quilts hanging on walls throughout the house.  Also, I made a couple of quilts as throws for couches.  The living room couch is white - with 7 grandchildren - well, white was probably not the best choice.  A multi-color quilt, pieced and hand quilted now covers the living room couch.

As a Christmas surprise,  I made a quilt for my husband who spends much of his time reading in the den.  This quilt was made using nothing but scraps stored in bins under my sewing table; machine pieced and quilted.

I love the color the quilts add to the rooms.  These quilts have been washed a number of times, and still look great.  How do you decorate with quilts in your home?


nannykim said...

I don't have any ...well...I do have a bedspread that is a quilt type affair--but we have ruined it by lying on top of it so many times over the years. The stiching keeps coming out!!

Sarah said...

I have one quilt hanging, a crazy quilt I made with a friend ten years ago. We each made twenty squares, then gave the other half of them. Now we each have a quilt that we both worked one. All of my other quilts rest over chairs to cuddle under, on beds in our home, some are stacked on a shelf under a table, and others are hung on the rungs of an old paint ladder. Love living with quilts. ~ Sarah

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Well, first I have to learn how to make them, ha! I have a friend who so kindly "offered" (cause I asked her)to teach me how to make them this winter. I can't wait!