June 26, 2010

Supporting the Arts

Whenever I travel, I like to seek out local artists.  My collection of original art is growing.  It's not always necessary to spend the big bucks either (although I have dropped a lot of money on some purchases!)

Last weekend I flew to Chicago for my granddaughter, Samantha's high school graduation.  Sam and I took the train downtown and explored the Art Institute of Chicago, which is fabulous.  After lunch, we wandered over to the Chicago Cultural Center and took a look see at "Project Onward."  We had our portraits done by two of the Project Onward artists.
Portrait by David Holt

Portrait by "Chuckie" Johnson

This is an affordable and fun way to support the arts.  Color portraits are $10; black and white $5 - such a deal!  The next time you find yourself in the Windy City, check it out.  

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Jennifer said...

Love the earrings!