June 12, 2010

A Project Using Image Transfer

I've been experimenting with image transfer techniques - now what do I do with all these images?  
I chose to display photos taken on trips I made to Europe over the last few years.  
Materials Used:

3x3 and 2.5 x 3 canvas frames
18x5 wooden trays
French dictionary pages
vintage fabric tape measure
rubber stamp
found objects

How I did it:

wooden trays, backside of canvas frames
front side of canvas frames one coat of gesso
experimenting with placement on trays
wooden tray primed; dictionary pages adhered with matte medium
 tray painted gold; papers "aged" with water color, rubber stamped
measuring tape adhered to back side of canvas frame
  (dictionary papers were inserted into the frame later)
Different image transfer techniques were used.  
flowers transferred with DASS SuperSauce and DASS transfer film; doors transferred with Lazertran turpentine method
hardware found on Ebay; images transferred using DASS method
button sewn to canvas frame; images transferred using Lazertran turpentine method
adhere frames and found objects using E-6000

This was a fun project.  I think it's a really cool way to display the photos.  What do you think?

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Desiree said...

Wow, I think this is amazing!!! Great job, I love how you share so much information with us! Thanks so much. You have a great eye not only for quilting but for conception, composition and color.

Ladynred said...

It's beautiful! You are very creative and artistic!

Anonymous said...

What a great post, thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday! Esther XX

Julie said...

What a cool project! It's beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Naturegirl said...

Pat what a great way to showcase memories of your trip to Europe! In enlarging the first image I can see that you were to Venice and Italy as I see many doors and windows that I'm sure were from there! I was in Europe a few summers ago and took many similar photos...I think my fav were of doors and windowboxes and clothes hanging from balconys...very familiar scene in Venicia!
Thank you for your generous comment at Nature Trail! See you next PS!

Leann said...

Love them!!! Thanks o much for sharing your technique!


Lisa said...

How fun! And even better that you have the pictures you took! I love the finished product!
Hugs, Lisa

Lise said...

Great project and nicely done! Where did you get the wooden tray? Thanks!

hannah said...

Pat, most of this is a foreign language to me. I admire the hands-on approach, but am at a loss with some of the techniques and components. I bet this will sell if you were to put it up for sale. It must look good in a den or study.