May 15, 2010

We Are Family

I designed and made this quilt "We Are Family" in 2002.  It once hung in the dining room.  When we redecorated, it found its way into the closet.  I took it and a number of other quilts with me when I spoke at the Pelican Bay Women's League on Wednesday.  I wanted to show the ladies how my work has progressed in the last ten years.
Everyone in my immediate family (husband, children and grandchildren) traced their hands onto paper creating a template.  (Actually, I couldn't finish this piece until Abby, our youngest granddaughter, was born.) 

The entire piece is machine quilted with the exception of the heart in the center which is hand quilted. 

I made narrow piping and stitched it around each hand.  Each person's name was free machine quilted down the center of their hand.  I used a thread that nearly matched the hand's fabric.  I wanted everyone to really search the quilt to see where they were on it.

I'd forgotten how much I love this piece.  I can assure you it no longer hides in the closet!

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Michelle Hacker said...


Teena said...

This is a great quilt, your quilts are very well made and beautiful! <3

Anonymous said...

Wow alot of work beautiful!
Thank You HPS!

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

That is beautiful! What a wonderful

Flora Doora

CailinMarie said...

Wow. My momma is quilter and that took some work!!! Really a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Oh my what a beautiful quilt Pat! So creative and a true family heirloom! All those tiny stitches and details - I think thats baby Abby's hand in the bottom row :-)
Sweet sweet sweet!
Thank you for your visit and nice comment! I don't have Photoshop just a really old editing program that I got free with a greeting card program back in 1994 - bout time for an upgrade I think HA!!!
Happy Stitching!

meandering pearl said...

i really like this quilt!!! loveliest pink wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

You're very creative and a real artist with a needle. Great work.
Thanks for your comments :o)