May 8, 2010

This Won't Hurt...

How many times have you heard this just before the nurse gave you a shot?  Here's Florence wielding a very large, scary needle - do you think it will hurt?

She's sitting on a stool which was crafted out of a cardboard core and cereal box

Ceramic tile adhesive was spread over the entire stool.  Once dry, it was painted with gold paint.  Vintage medical dictionary pages were glued in place around the center.

Since Florence is new to nursing, she researched the proper way to give an injection.  The book was made in Photoshop Elements 8.0

The nurse's cap is made of card stock; uniform fashioned from scrap fabric and machine embroidered cross; an infant's oral medicine syringe complete the ensemble.

She was fun to make and I hope made you smile.  Thanks for visiting my Pink Saturday blog.


gayle said...

Oh Pat - i would not trust Florence - (lol)
that needle is really huge, she's new to nursing - oh dear and is that the Harry Potter book of nursing- hard to read the spine!! but she does make me smile :)

LV said...

This is a cute post. You can keep the needles. I do not trust anyone giving them even Florence.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh your so talented!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Teena said...

such attention to detail, your dolls are wonderful! <3

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Florence is wonderful! Love her!
Clever, clever as always!

Flora Doora

Jennifer said...

Love it! And, yes, the shot won't hurt the nurse at all LOL!

CailinMarie said...

well happy pink saturday! Florence is wonderul!

Susie Jefferson said...

I'd trust Florence! You can tell she's a really capable nurse and wouldn't hurt anyone on purpose.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day! Sorry I'm a little late - my husband whisked me out for dinner last night, so I didn't get my visiting done.

joey said...

Hi Pat...oh my, Florence is adorable !!! How clever you are. I don't like needles but I may, just may mind you, trust Florence tehehehehee. Just gorgeous. Big hugs, joey